Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Taqueria Los Gueros (Anaheim, CA)

Taquería Los Güeros #1
628 W La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801
Wed 10/06/2021, 09:30p-10:55p

Taqueria Los Gueros Exterior

I was recently in search of a late-ish takeout meal while driving through north Orange County, and after looking over a few places close to the freeway, decided to check out Taqueria Los Gueros. As far as I can tell, the restaurant is owned by one Arturo Montes, and opened in 2013 in the dreary Northgate Market strip mall, taking over the former home of El Moy. The place got pretty popular over the years, with lines out the door, so a second location debuted not far away at 1900 W Lincoln Ave in July 2018, set in an old Carl's Jr. There's also a third outpost in work in Whittier, at 13405 Lambert.

Taqueria Los Gueros Interior
It's pretty sparse inside. There was seating previously, but I imagine it was removed as a result of the COVID-19 situation.

Taqueria Los Gueros Condiment Bar
The self-serve condiment bar.

Taqueria Los Gueros Menu
Pictured above is Los Gueros' menu, which is pretty straightforward. Do note that the restaurant was out of tripas tonight, sadly.

Taco - Asada
Taco - Asada [$1.35]
I began my meal, unsurprisingly, with the restaurant's version of carne asada, which was slightly lackluster, as I found the meat chewy, and wanting in the sear and smoke department. However, the taco really did come together with the application of cilantro, onion, and salsa, making for some enjoyable bites in the end.

Taqueria Los Gueros Salsas
Speaking of salsa, you get two options here: an unexpectedly spicy rojo with a real kick to it, as well as a milder verde with a salty finish.

Volcan - Asada
Volcan - Asada [$2.25]
The volcan is essentially a thin, crispy tortilla topped with a layer of hefty, well-griddled queso and your choice of meat. I opted for asada again, and here the beef's lack of char wasn't quite as apparent given the robust nature of all the cheese.

2021 Maine Lunch
The evening's first beer was the 2021 Maine Lunch, described by the brewery as an East Coast version of a West Coast IPA. Think floral and perfume-y up front, but backed by the requisite piney bitterness and just enough citrus character.

Taco - Al Pastor
Taco - Al Pastor (Dressed)
Taco - Al Pastor [$1.35]
The pastor had a nice long-cooked quality to it, and delivered a relatively mild, somewhat multifaceted spice alongside a palpable sweetness. I did find that said sweetness was emphasized by the use of the salsa verde.

Mulita - Al Pastor
Mulita - Al Pastor [$3.50]
The pastor also made an appearance in my mulita, which did a decent job balancing the lusciousness of all its cheese with the sweet-spiciness of the meat. I would've liked more texture on the tortillas, though.

Taco - Cabeza
Taco - Cabeza (Dressed)
Taco - Cabeza [$1.35]
Beef head came out super tender, though was a bit lacking when it came to robustness of flavor. The salsa, though, worked great in kicking things up a notch, and overall, the meat integrated well with its various accompaniments.

Quesadilla - Solo Frijol
Quesadilla - Solo Frijol [$5.25]
The quesadilla just might've been the cheesiest I've ever had, and I found it surprisingly gratifying, even though I opted for a filling of just frijoles. In addition, the dish really opened up when taken with the salsa verde, which tended to highlight the nuttiness of the beans.

2017 Bottle Logic The Spice Must Flow
Given that we were well into autumn, my second choice of beverage was the 2017 Bottle Logic The Spice Must Flow, a rum- and bourbon-barrel aged ale brewed with pumpkin, Coldbot coffee, vanilla beans, and various spices. The beer really did live up to its pumpkin spice latte inspiration, delivering a healthy dosing of warm baking spice commixed with the sugariness of pumpkin pie.

Taco - Chorizo
Taco - Chorizo (Dressed)
Taco - Chorizo [$1.35]
The chorizo showed off some lovely dry spice qualities, and was quite tasty just by itself, though it was of course even better when brightened up by onion, cilantro, and dash of salsa.

Burrito - Frijol, Arroz y Queso
Burrito - Frijol, Arroz y Queso (Cross Section)
Burrito - Frijol, Arroz y Queso [$5.25]
Despite the lack of meat, my burrito was also rather satisfying. Again, the potency of the cheese was on proud display, offset just a smidge by the rice, though I felt that the beans were somewhat lost.

Taco - Buche
Taco - Buche (Dressed)
Taco - Buche [$1.35]
Last up was the pork stomach, which actually managed to be one of the better versions I've had. I found the meat earthy but somehow elegant, with a distinct savory depth that really worked for me.

Los Gueros was certainly one of the more random meals I've had lately. The food wasn't anything particularly earth-shattering, but was generally solid, with the buche actually being the standout. Don't make a special trip out here, but the place might be worth stopping by if you're passing through the area.


Blogger BMan1113VR said...

Hey Kevin,
Los Gueros #1 and #2 are ok, but you are way better off at Tacos Los Cholos in the area. Tacos El Patron is also decent (their al pastor is quite good).

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 1:59:00 PM  
Blogger kevinEats said...

Ah thanks for the recommendations--I've added both places to my spreadsheet of restaurants to try.

Sunday, October 24, 2021 2:20:00 AM  

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