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Starry Kitchen Nights (Los Angeles, CA)

Starry Kitchen Nights at Tiara Cafe
127 E 9th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Thu 08/30/2012, 07:45p-10:20p

Tiara Cafe Exterior

If you're not familiar with the story of Starry Kitchen, here's a quick recap: The fable begins with Chef Thi Tran, born to a Chinese family in Vietnam, but raised in Dallas. She started cooking during her years at the University of Texas at Austin out of necessity, but really began developing her skills after hooking up with SK frontman Nguyen Tran (himself a UT Dallas grad) and moving out to Los Angeles in 2002. Nguyen worked for Cassian Elwes at William Morris, then dabbled in independent film sales, while Thi found employment in advertising, all the while infusing her cooking repertoire with the wide-ranging flavors of LA's culinary landscape. After being together for seven years, the two even got married in late 2008. However, following the advent of the Great Recession, Thi lost her job the next April, and, inspired by the Kogi-fueled food truck/fusion frenzy, decided to give cooking a real shot. The Trans named their start-up Starry Kitchen, after a Hong Kong cooking show that Thi used to watch.

Starry Kitchen debuted in June 2009 inside the couple's North Hollywood apartment, #205, serving lunch only initially. The operation was modest (a mere $5 donation was suggested), more akin to a paladar than the glitzy, polished demeanor of a high-end underground restaurant such as Wolvesmouth. However, word of Thi's cooking spread like wildfire on the Interwebs, and soon enough, the apartment was serving dozens of people at a time. Perhaps not surprisingly, the local health department got wind of SK, and an inspector left a cautionary note on their door. The Trans suspect that a jealous local restaurant owner ratted them out. Not too long after the scare, Nguyen and Thi decided that Starry Kitchen was ready for primetime. A friend of Nguyen's was one of the investors behind 8Fish, a floundering sushi restaurant that had opened in Downtown's California Plaza in 2009. Given that the place was doing so badly, he invited the Trans to bring their concept to the 8Fish space, with no money up front. Starry Kitchen, thus, officially opened its doors for lunch service on February 16, 2010.

The place did pretty well for itself right from the get-go, and limited dinner service commenced in May. Thi wound up cooking a night at Test Kitchen later that year, and SK even took over the Mandoline Grill truck for a day. In early 2011, the Trans met Laurent Quenioux at Vertical Wine Bistro (where he had started consulting) and instantly hit it off. Quenioux ended up shuttering Bistro LQ in March, and was looking for a way to get back in the game. As such, the idea of LQ @ SK, a dinner-only guest cheffing series that kicked off in June, was born. The run brought considerable attention to both parties, and wrapped up this past March, punctuated at the end by two controversial herb/weed dinners.

The Trans were riding high (pun intended) at this point, so it came as a shock to many when Nguyen announced the restaurant's closure at the end of July, ostensibly due to a host of financial woes. He vowed that Starry Kitchen would return, though, and it did, just weeks later. Indeed, Starry Kitchen Nights bowed on August 16th, in a grand opening party replete with free Singha beer for all. This new iteration takes place inside Fred Eric's Tiara Cafe, the former home of Le Comptoir, Gary Menes' well-received pop-up. For now, it's a dinner-only affair, open between 5:00 and 10:00 on Tuesdays through Saturdays and said to be a permanent setup.

Tiara Cafe Interior
The inside of Tiara Cafe remains much as it's always been.

Starry Kitchen Nights Menu Starry Kitchen Nights Drink Menu
The Starry Kitchen Nights menu reads more refined than what the duo was previously offering. Nonetheless, it remains a hodgepodge of pan-Asian panache, a reasonably-priced suite of items meant for family-style sharing. Expect near-constant change, too, as the carte is a definite work in progress (Nguyen even teases a "Roast Pork Belly XO Fried Rice"). To drink, there's a limited selection of wines, beers, sakes, and even interesting non-boozy beverages on offer, and I've heard that lunch service might even be in the works. Click for larger versions.

Eagle Rock Brewery Manifesto
We chose the BYOB route (they're still trying to figure out how corkage is going to work--there was none tonight) and brought along a quartet of beers. The first was the Manifesto witbier from the nearby Eagle Rock Brewery. This was a light, easy-drinking beer, subtly sour and spicy, but it didn't really have much of the witte character that I was hoping for.

To start things off, the Chef presented her version of bo la lot, or grilled beef in betel (lolot) leaves, one of the traditional items in the famed Vietnamese "seven courses of beef." Instead of la lot leaves, Korean sesame was used in its place, and the result was fantastic, with the medicinal, zesty greens playing off of the smoky, succulent logs of minced meat wonderfully. To go along with the course, we were also given a small cup of house-pickled Fresno chilies, carrots, and cucumbers, their tang and crunch much appreciated. A perfect start to the meal.

One of the restaurant's most popular dishes is the chicken wings, a holdover from the Cal Plaza days, and I can see why. The bird displayed a great crispness to it, yet the flesh was still tender and juicy, with a pronounced, but not overbearing sweetness that led to just a touch of creeping spice. Nice.

Without a doubt, this was the most intimidating-looking dish on the menu, and even I was a bit taken aback given that I'm no good at handling fish heads in a graceful manner. We had here the odds and ends of the striped bass used in SK's ca kho to claypot, simply grilled and served with nuoc mam and more of those homemade pickles. Getting past the considerable "work" required to extract the meat from the bones, the bass was actually quite delicious: tender and silky, with a lovely char and smokiness that went swimmingly with the accompanying fish sauce.

The Bruery Orchard White
Up next was another witbier, The Bruery's Orchard White, one of my favorite examples of the style. It was actually discontinued last year, and this increasingly rare bottle was one of only two remaining in my collection (the last time I'd opened a bottle was during a CR8 dinner). Interestingly, the flavors this time around were quite different than I'd experienced before, a result of its age I'm sure. The beer was distinctly less floral, with less of its signature lavender notes coming through. Instead, it was earthier, weightier, but still with the spicy, citrus-y notes that I expected.

Here, Thi paid homage to the Sichuan kitchen with this hong you chaoshou-inspired dish. The dumplings were spot on: meaty and supple, with a satisfying porcine relish. They were deftly augmented by the spicy "red oil" present, while the cilantro added an overarching lightness to the dish that I really appreciated. What I liked the most here, though, was the use of potatoes, which added a gorgeous texture and moderating element to the course. Yum.

Nguyen warned that this dish "almost tastes like Asia itself" and I could definitely see where he was going with that. Complementary flavors of sour, savory, and spicy enveloped the entire dish, creating a heady, aromatic veil that beautifully integrated every element together. Also commendable was the snappy, satisfying texture on the noodles, as well as the minty levity imparted by the various greenery on the plate. Hearty and homey, yet somehow contemporary--a must try.

BrewDog Punk IPA
At this point, we moved on to an IPA, specifically the BrewDog Punk IPA, which I'd quite enjoyed during the last iteration of LudoBites. It was pretty subdued for the style, with an apparent, yet delicate citric bitterness intermixed with some delicious floral and malty notes.

Regular readers will know that I'm not particularly a fan of eggplant, but we still went with this dish at our server's recommendation. I wasn't in love with the course, but it was certainly still quite palatable given my aversion to the main ingredient, with the ginger adding a well-placed counterpoint to the savory, smoky flavors at play.

And here we come to the night's pièce de résistance: the Singaporean chili crab that's quickly becoming Starry Kitchen's signature dish. It lived up to its reputation, with the roughly 3-pound Dungeness showing off its sweet, supple, spongy meat in stellar fashion. It was one of the tastiest preparations of cooked crab that I've eaten in fact. I would've had no trouble consuming it alone, but the accompanying sauce was excellent as well, with a sweet, savory, spicy kick that complemented but didn't overwhelm the delicate crab. Joining the sauce were cuts of bread from the new B1 Breadshop, which opened at the end of July. I even took the remaining liquid home to enjoy over plain white rice.

Brewery Ommegang Seduction
For dessert, we opened a bottle of the Brewery Ommegang Seduction, described by the producer as a "Belgian style porter," basically a dark ale blended with Callebaut chocolate and Liefmans cherries. It was quite something, with a subtly sweet base of malty, creamy cocoa leading to almost ethereal notes of tart, lambic-esque cherry fruit on the finish.

We were quite full at this point, but of course, we always save room for dessert (it's like a separate stomach right?). Apple fritters were something special, arriving at the table imbued with the spicy essence of wuxiang fen, a flavor profile that recalled the aroma of Cantonese roasted duck. Indeed, they showed off a wonderfully savory character initially, which then led to the fruity sweetness of apple toward the close. Though the fritters were certainly tasty alone, the paired honey-bourbon cream sauce was a superb complement, its boozy, heavy, unabashed sugariness balancing out the savory spice of the beignets wonderfully.

Interestingly, I'd had a similar dish during the last LQ@SK weed/herb dinner, but this version was much more successful. The panna cotta itself conveyed a delectably fragrant, herbal, tea-like flair, with a subdued sweetness that melded beautifully with the sugary cuts of pear. A humble looking dessert, but one that was definitely more-than-meets-the-eye in terms of finesse and complexity.

It appears as though our beloved Starry Kitchen has grown up. Our dinner here was, in fact, rather great, and it's clear to me that the Trans have upped their game considerably. Flavors were on point: bold, lusty, and eminently satisfying, really respecting and representing their Asian roots but still conveying a decidedly modern, of-the-moment twist. It was a deeper, more mature exploration of the Kitchen Ninja's culinary talents, and the outcome was very, very promising. As for what's next for Thi and Nguyen, they're hoping to stay put at Tiara for a while, but have already put in an application for a new space at California Plaza--stay tuned.

Nguyen Tran, Thi Tran

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IzayoiLos Angeles (Little Tokyo, Downtown)Japanese$$Aug 2009
JarLos Angeles (Beverly Grove)American (New), Steakhouses$$$Jan 2010
Jeon JuLos Angeles (Koreatown)Korean$$Sep 2008
Ji Rong Peking DuckRosemeadChinese$$Sep 2017
JinpachiWest HollywoodJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$Mar 2014
JiRaffeSanta MonicaFrench, American (Traditional)$$$Dec 2014
Joe's Restaurant [2] [1]Los Angeles (Venice)American (New), Breakfast & Brunch$$$Sep 2011
Jon & Vinny'sLos Angeles (Fairfax)Italian$$Apr 2015
Kabab CrushArtesiaMediterranean, Middle Eastern$Sep 2015
KagayaLos Angeles (Little Tokyo, Downtown)Japanese$$$$Aug 2010
KaguraEl SegundoJapanese$$Jan 2016
KaguraTorranceJapanese$$Nov 2015
KaliLos Angeles (Larchmont)American (New)$$$Mar 2017
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KimukatsuCulver CityJapanese$$Oct 2013
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La EstrellaLos Angeles (Boyle Heights)Mexican$Apr 2015
LA HwaluhLos Angeles (Westlake, Wilshire Center)Korean, Japanese$$Apr 2016
La Poubelle BistroLos Angeles (Hollywood Hills)French$$Dec 2011
La Super-Rica TaqueriaSanta BarbaraMexican$Oct 2015
La TostaderiaLos Angeles (Downtown)Seafood, Mexican$$Oct 2015
Ladies' Gunboat SocietyLos Angeles (Sawtelle)American (New), Southern$$Aug 2014
LAQ BBQ at Japanese Knife ImportsBeverly HillsBarbeque, Southern$$Sep 2016
Lao TaoLos Angeles (Chinatown)Taiwanese, Asian Fusion$$Apr 2017
Las MolenderasLos Angeles (Boyle Heights)Mexican$Apr 2015
LASA [1]Los Angeles (Chinatown)Filipino, American (New)$$Apr 2018
LASA at Unit 120Los Angeles (Chinatown)Filipino, American (New)$$$May 2016
Lawry's The Prime Rib [1]Beverly HillsSteakhouses, American (Traditional)$$$Dec 2015
Lazy Ox Canteen [1]Los Angeles (Little Tokyo, Downtown)American (New), Gastropubs$$$Apr 2012
Le ComptoirLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)American (New), French, Vegetarian$$$$Feb 2015
Le Comptoir at Tiara CafeLos Angeles (Downtown)French, Vegetarian$$$Mar 2012
Le Petit ParisLos Angeles (Downtown)French, Brasseries$$$Jul 2017
Lee's NoodlesLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Chinese, Korean, Bubble Tea, Chicken Shop$Nov 2015
LeonaLos Angeles (Venice)American (New)$$$Aug 2015
Little BearLos Angeles (Arts District, Downtown)Gastropubs, Belgian$$Jan 2012
Little FattyLos Angeles (Mar Vista)Taiwanese, Chinese$$Jan 2017
Little SisterManhattan BeachAsian Fusion$$$Dec 2013
LittleforkLos Angeles (Hollywood)Seafood, American (New)$$$Mar 2013
Lobsta ShackLos Angeles (Chinatown)Seafood$$Sep 2015
LocolLos Angeles (Watts)Fast Food$Jul 2016
Long Beach CreameryLong BeachIce Cream & Frozen Yogurt$Aug 2015
LoquiCulver CityMexican$$May 2016
Los Balcones del PeruLos Angeles (Hollywood)Peruvian$$Mar 2010
Lost at SeaPasadenaSeafood, French, American (New)$$$Dec 2016
Love & SaltManhattan BeachItalian, American (New)$$$Mar 2015
LQ "Foodings" [2] [1]PasadenaFrench$$$Apr 2014
LucquesWest HollywoodAmerican (New)$$$Jul 2010
LudoBites 2.0 at Breadbar [1]Los Angeles (Beverly Grove)French$$$Aug 2009
LudoBites 3.0 at Royal/T [2] [1]Culver CityFrench$$$Dec 2009
LudoBites 4.0 at Gram & Papas [1]Los Angeles (Downtown)French$$$May 2010
LudoBites 5.0 at Gram & Papas [1]Los Angeles (Downtown)French$$$Jul 2010
LudoBites 6.0 at Max [1]Sherman OaksFrench$$$$Oct 2010
LudoBites 7.0 at Gram & PapasLos Angeles (Downtown)French$$$$Aug 2011
LudoBites 8.0 at Lemon Moon [1]Los Angeles (Sawtelle)French$$$$Feb 2012
LudoBites 10.0 at Gram & PapasLos Angeles (Downtown)French$$$$Dec 2012
Lukshon [1]Culver CityAsian Fusion$$$Jul 2013
LunasiaAlhambraDim Sum, Chinese$$Aug 2014
MadcapraLos Angeles (Downtown)Falafel$$Jun 2015
Magal BBQLos Angeles (Koreatown)Korean, Barbeque$$Feb 2016
Magnum Crew at Pal CabronLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)American (New), Mexican$$$$Feb 2011
Magnum Crew at Royal/TCulver CityAmerican (New), Japanese$$$$Apr 2011
Maison GiraudPacific PalisadesFrench$$$Nov 2011
MajordomoLos Angeles (Chinatown)American (New), Korean, Asian Fusion$$$Mar 2018
Mama LionLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Supper Clubs, American (New)$$May 2017
ManuelaLos Angeles (Arts District, Downtown)Southern, American (New)$$Mar 2017
Manhattan HouseManhattan BeachGastropubs, American (New), Pubs$$Jul 2015
Maple Block Meat Co.Culver CityBarbeque, American (Traditional)$$Dec 2015
MaradentroLos Angeles (Brentwood)Mexican, Seafood, Bars, Tacos$$Jun 2017
MarconaLos Angeles (Fairfax)Sandwiches$$Apr 2012
MardiWest HollywoodAmerican (New), Breakfast & Brunch$$Sep 2016
MaréLos Angeles (Fairfax)Seafood, Modern European$$Aug 2015
Mari VannaLos Angeles (Beverly Grove)Russian$$$Jul 2013
Mario's Peruvian SeafoodLa MiradaPeruvian$$Jan 2010
Mariscos JaliscoLos Angeles (Boyle Heights)Mexican, Seafood$Apr 2015
MaruLos Angeles (Sawtelle)Sushi Bars, American (New), Asian Fusion$$Aug 2013
Maruhide Uni ClubTorranceJapanese, Seafood$$Dec 2017
Masa of Echo ParkLos Angeles (Echo Park)Pizza, Italian, Bakeries$$Aug 2016
Mashti Malone'sGlendaleIce Cream & Frozen Yogurt$Feb 2007
MatsuhisaBeverly HillsSushi Bars, Japanese$$$$$Aug 2010
MatsumotoLos Angeles (Beverly Grove)Sushi Bars, Japanese$$$$$Feb 2018
Maude [6] [5] [4] [3] [2] [1]Beverly HillsFrench, American (New)$$$$Mar 2017
Max City BBQLos Angeles (Eagle Rock)Barbeque$$Feb 2016
MaximilianoLos Angeles (Highland Park)Italian$$Mar 2012
MB Post [1]Manhattan BeachAmerican (New), Tapas/Small Plates, Cocktail Bars$$$May 2016
Mélisse [1]Santa MonicaAmerican (New), French$$$$$Jun 2012
MessHallLos Angeles (Los Feliz)American (Traditional)$$$Sep 2012
Mexicali Taco & CoLos Angeles (Chinatown)Mexican$Jan 2015
MexicanoLos Angeles (Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw)Mexican$$Apr 2015
MezzeLos Angeles (Beverly Grove)Middle Eastern, Mediterranean$$$Mar 2011
Michael'sSanta MonicaAmerican (New)$$$Jan 2017
Milk TavernLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Bars$$Nov 2017
Milo & OliveSanta MonicaPizza, Bakeries, Italian$$May 2012
Mikkeller BarLos Angeles (Downtown)Beer Bar, American (New)$$Apr 2017
MiroLos Angeles (Downtown)Mediterranean$$$May 2016
Mo-ChicaLos Angeles (Historic South Central)Peruvian$$Aug 2009
Mo-Chica {7th St}Los Angeles (Downtown)Peruvian$$Jun 2012
Modern Times The Dankness DojoLos Angeles (Downtown)Breweries, Vegan, Vegetarian$$Feb 2018
Moles La TiaLos Angeles (East Los Angeles)Mexican$$Oct 2016
MomedBeverly HillsMediterranean, Middle Eastern$$Feb 2012
Mondo TacoSanta MonicaMexican, American (New), Comfort Food$May 2015
Moreton FigLos Angeles (University Park)American (New)$$Nov 2010
Mori Sushi [1]Los Angeles (Sawtelle)Sushi Bars, Japanese$$$$Jul 2013
MorunoLos Angeles (Fairfax)Mediterranean, Spanish$$Mar 2016
Mud Hen TavernLos Angeles (Hollywood)Bars, American (New)$$Oct 2016
MuseBeverly HillsAmerican (New)$$$$Oct 2009
MushaSanta MonicaJapanese, Asian Fusion$$Oct 2009
n/naka [2] [1]Los Angeles (Palms)Japanese$$$$$Dec 2014
Nakkara on BeverlyLos Angeles (Fairfax)Thai, Asian Fusion$$Apr 2010
Neptune's LoungeLos Angeles (Koreatown)Korean, Seafood, Sushi Bars$$$Nov 2009
Newport SeafoodSan GabrielChinese, Seafood$$Dec 2009
Night + Market [3] [2] [1]West HollywoodThai$$May 2013
Night + Market SongLos Angeles (Silver Lake)Thai$$Nov 2014
NiwattoriTorranceJapanese$$Nov 2009
NobuWest HollywoodJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$$Apr 2011
The NoMad MezzanineLos Angeles (Downtown)American (New)$$$Feb 2018
Nozawa Bar [1]Beverly HillsSushi Bars$$$$$Nov 2013
Nozomi [1]TorranceSushi Bars, Japanese$$$Aug 2016
Ocean Market GrillLong BeachSeafood, American (Traditional)$$Sep 2015
Odys + PenelopeLos Angeles (Fairfax)American (Traditional)$$$Feb 2015
Officine BRERALos Angeles (Arts District, Downtown)Italian$$$Feb 2016
Ohana Poké Co.Los Angeles (Downtown)Hawaiian, Seafood$$Jul 2015
Old Country CafeAlhambraTaiwanese$Oct 2014
One SunsetWest HollywoodAmerican (New)$$$Apr 2009
Ong Ga NaeLos Angeles (Koreatown)Korean, Barbeque$$Oct 2016
Ootoro SushiWalnutJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$$Nov 2012
Opus SushiArcadiaJapanese, Sushi Bars$$Aug 2013
Original Tommy'sLos Angeles (Westlake)Burgers, Fast Food$Dec 2008
OrrisLos Angeles (Sawtelle)Tapas Bars, Japanese, French$$$Jan 2011
Orsa & WinstonLos Angeles (Downtown)Asian Fusion$$$$Oct 2013
OrtolanLos Angeles (Beverly Grove)French$$$$Nov 2007
OssoLos Angeles (Arts District, Downtown)American (New), American (Traditional)$$Jun 2015
Osteria MammaLos Angeles (Larchmont)Italian$$$May 2010
Osteria MozzaLos Angeles (Hancock Park)Italian$$$$Feb 2009
OtiumLos Angeles (Downtown)American (New)$$$Dec 2015
Ox & SonSanta MonicaAmerican (New)$$$May 2015
The Oyster GourmetLos Angeles (Downtown)Seafood, Wine Bars$$Jul 2016
The PaanLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Korean, Barbeque$$Mar 2016
PaicheLos Angeles (Del Rey)Seafood, Peruvian$$$Apr 2013
Paladar Underground RestaurantLos Angeles (University Park)American (New)$$Apr 2011
Pan Am RoomSanta MonicaLatin American$$$Jan 2011
The ParishLos Angeles (Downtown)American (New), Gastropubs$$Aug 2012
PartidoLos Angeles (Highland Park)Filipino$$Aug 2017
Patina [3] [2] [1]Los Angeles (Downtown)French$$$$$Oct 2015
Peking TavernLos Angeles (Downtown)Gastropubs, Chinese$$Feb 2014
Petit TroisLos Angeles (Hollywood)French$$$Jul 2014
PetrossianWest HollywoodFrench$$$Feb 2010
PettyCash TaqueriaLos Angeles (Fairfax)Mexican$$$May 2013
PettyCash Taqueria {Arts District}Los Angeles (Downtown)Mexican$$$Sep 2015
Phantom CarriageCarsonBreweries, Cafes$$Jan 2015
Pheast Underground DinnerLos Angeles (Del Rey)American (New)$$$$Apr 2011
Picca [1]Los Angeles (Pico-Robertson)Peruvian$$$Dec 2011
PiccoloLos Angeles (Venice)Italian$$$Jul 2011
Pine & CraneLos Angeles (Silver Lake)Taiwanese, Chinese$$Sep 2014
Pizza SupremeWest CovinaPizza$Apr 2018
Pizzeria MozzaLos Angeles (Hancock Park)Pizza, Italian$$$May 2009
Plan Check Kitchen + BarLos Angeles (Sawtelle)American (New), Gastropubs$$Apr 2012
PlatoLos Angeles (Koreatown)Bars, Korean, Chicken Shop$$Mar 2017
Playa [2] [1]Los Angeles (Fairfax)Latin American$$$Mar 2013
Playa AmorLong BeachSeafood, Mexican$$Apr 2016
Playa ProvisionsLos Angeles (Playa del Rey)American (New), Bars$$Feb 2015
Pok Pok LALos Angeles (Chinatown)Thai$$Nov 2015
Pok Pok Phat ThaiLos Angeles (Chinatown)Thai$$Feb 2015
The PonteLos Angeles (Beverly Grove)Italian$$$Mar 2017
Post & BeamLos Angeles (Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw)American (New)$$$Jan 2012
PotLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Korean$$Mar 2014
Pot BarLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Bars$$$Feb 2014
Preux & ProperLos Angeles (Downtown)Cajun/Creole, American (New)$$Mar 2015
'Pri-vē at TiatoSanta MonicaAmerican (New)$$$$Dec 2011
Providence [4] [3] [2] [1]Los Angeles (Hollywood)Seafood, American (New)$$$$$Mar 2014
Public Beer Wine ShopLong BeachMexican, Gastropubs, Wine Bars, Beer Bar$$Nov 2016
Puertos del PacificoLos Angeles (Boyle Heights)Mexican, Seafood$$Dec 2015
P.Y.T.Los Angeles (Downtown)American (New), Vegetarian$$May 2017
QLos Angeles (Downtown)Sushi Bars$$$$$Nov 2013
Quarters Korean BBQLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Korean, Barbeque$$Feb 2015
R23Los Angeles (Arts District, Downtown)Sushi Bars, Japanese$$$Mar 2009
RaciónPasadenaSpanish, Tapas/Small Plates$$$May 2015
Raffi's PlaceGlendaleMiddle Eastern$$Feb 2007
RakuWest HollywoodJapanese$$$Feb 2016
Ramen Bull at BreadbarLos Angeles (Beverly Grove)Japanese$$Jul 2011
Ramen ChampLos Angeles (Chinatown)Ramen, Japanese$$Jan 2015
Ramen HoodLos Angeles (Downtown)Ramen, Vegan$$May 2016
RaphaelStudio CityAmerican (New)$$$Apr 2011
Renu NakornNorwalkThai$Oct 2012
Red Medicine [2] [1]Beverly HillsAmerican (New)$$$Oct 2014
Red OLos Angeles (Beverly Grove)Mexican$$$May 2010
Redbird [1]Los Angeles (Downtown)American (New)$$$Dec 2016
République [1]Los Angeles (Hancock Park)French$$$Feb 2017
Restaurant 917CarsonAmerican (New)$$$Jan 2018
Restaurant KomasaLos Angeles (Little Tokyo, Downtown)Sushi Bars, Japanese$$Jul 2011
RestaurationLong BeachAmerican (New)$$Jan 2016
RiceBarLos Angeles (Downtown)Filipino$Jul 2017
RivaBellaWest HollywoodItalian$$$Sep 2013
Rivera [3] [2] [1]Los Angeles (Downtown)Latin American$$$Sep 2011
RnD TableLos Angeles (Koreatown)Korean, Varies$$$Jul 2011
Robert Earl's BBQLong BeachBarbeque$$Dec 2014
The Rogue ExperienceWest HollywoodAmerican (New)$$$$$Jun 2017
RosalinéWest HollywoodPeruvian, Cocktail Bars$$$Aug 2017
RossobluLos Angeles (Downtown)Italian$$$Jun 2017
The Royce [5] [4] [3] [2] [1]PasadenaAmerican (New)$$$$$Jan 2013
The Royce Wood-Fired SteakhousePasadenaSteakhouses$$$$$Mar 2013
Rustic Canyon [1]Santa MonicaWine Bars, Tapas/Small Plates$$$Mar 2013
Saam at The Bazaar [1]Los Angeles (Beverly Grove)American (New), Spanish, Basque$$$$$Aug 2013
Saddle Peak Lodge [1]CalabasasAmerican (New)$$$$Jul 2012
Saint MarthaLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)American (New)$$$Sep 2014
SalazarLos Angeles (Frogtown)Mexican, Barbeque$$Nov 2016
Salt AirLos Angeles (Venice)Seafood$$$Sep 2013
Salt's CureWest HollywoodAmerican (New)$$Dec 2010
SambarCulver CityIndian$$Aug 2015
Sari Sari StoreLos Angeles (Downtown)Filipino$$Sep 2017
SashiManhattan BeachJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$Mar 2010
SausalEl SegundoMexican$$Sep 2015
SawyerLos Angeles (Silver Lake)American (New), Seafood$$Oct 2016
Scarpetta [1]Beverly HillsItalian$$$$Apr 2011
Scopa Italian RootsLos Angeles (Venice)Italian$$$Jan 2015
Scratch BarBeverly HillsAmerican (New)$$$Aug 2013
Scratch Bar & KitchenEncinoAmerican (New)$$$Jan 2016
Sea HarbourRosemeadChinese, Seafood, Dim Sum, Cantonese$$May 2017
SeikoenTorranceJapanese, Barbeque, Korean$$Jun 2017
Seoul Sausage CompanyLos Angeles (Sawtelle)Korean, Hot Dogs$Oct 2012
Seoul Sausage Company {Little Tokyo}Los Angeles (Little Tokyo, Downtown)Korean, Hot Dogs, Barbeque, Bars$$Sep 2015
SeoulmateLong BeachKorean, Asian Fusion$Oct 2015
Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village [1]San GabrielChinese, Shanghainese, Seafood, Dim Sum$$Jan 2017
Shi HaiAlhambraDim Sum, Cantonese, Chinese$$Oct 2014
ShibuchoLos Angeles (Westlake)Sushi Bars$$$$Dec 2008
ShibumiLos Angeles (Downtown)Japanese$$$Jun 2016
ShikiBeverly HillsSushi Bars, Japanese$$$$$Nov 2014
ShirazGlendaleMiddle Eastern, Persian/Iranian, Mediterranean$$Jan 2017
ShiroPasadenaAsian Fusion$$$Aug 2007
Short OrderLos Angeles (Fairfax)Burgers, Bars$$Nov 2011
Shunji Japanese CuisineLos Angeles (Sawtelle)Japanese, Sushi Bars, Seafood$$$$$Mar 2013
SirenaLos Angeles (Beverly Grove)Italian, Pizza$$$Mar 2013
The SixLos Angeles (Cheviot Hills)American (New), Gastropubs$$Feb 2010
Smoke Oil SaltLos Angeles (Fairfax)Spanish, Wine Bars$$$May 2014
SMYCSanta MonicaSeafood$$$May 2015
Son of a Gun [1]Los Angeles (Beverly Grove)Seafood$$$Oct 2016
Sona [2] [1]Los Angeles (Beverly Grove)French$$$$$May 2010
Soowon GalbiLos Angeles (Koreatown)Korean, Barbeque$$May 2016
Sopressata at Black HoggLos Angeles (Silver Lake)Sandwiches$Oct 2014
Sotto [1]Los Angeles (Pico-Robertson)Italian$$$Apr 2013
Spago [3] [2] [1]Beverly HillsAmerican (New)$$$$$Dec 2014
The Spice TableLos Angeles (Little Tokyo, Downtown)Singaporean, Vietnamese$$Jan 2012
SpringLos Angeles (Downtown)French$$$May 2016
Starry Kitchen NightsLos Angeles (Downtown)Asian Fusion$$Aug 2012
Starry Kitchen x Grand StarLos Angeles (Chinatown)Asian Fusion$$Dec 2014
Steak & WhiskyHermosa BeachSteakhouses, Bars$$$$Jun 2015
SteelCraftLong BeachFood Court$$Jun 2017
Stefan's at L.A. FarmSanta MonicaAmerican (New)$$$Aug 2009
Stir MarketLos Angeles (Fairfax)Breakfast & Brunch, Modern European, Wine Bars$$Mar 2015
The Strand HouseManhattan BeachAmerican (New)$$$$Aug 2011
sugarFISHLos Angeles (Downtown)Sushi Bars$$$Nov 2010
Sunny SpotLos Angeles (Venice)American (New), Caribbean$$$Nov 2011
Superba Food + BreadLos Angeles (Venice)American (New), Breakfast & Brunch$$Jun 2014
Superba Snack BarLos Angeles (Venice)Italian, American (New)$$$Jul 2012
Sushi|BarEncinoSushi Bars$$$$Nov 2017
Sushi EnyaLos Angeles (Little Tokyo, Downtown)Sushi Bars, Japanese$$$$Nov 2016
Sushi KimagurePasadenaSushi Bars, Japanese$$$$Dec 2012
Sushi NozawaStudio CitySushi Bars$$$$Feb 2012
Sushi of GariLos Angeles (Hollywood)Sushi Bars, Japanese, Asian Fusion$$$$$Oct 2016
Sushi SasabuneLos Angeles (Brentwood, Sawtelle)Sushi Bars, Japanese$$$$May 2008
Sushi TsujitaLos Angeles (Sawtelle)Sushi Bars, Japanese$$$$$Sep 2014
Sushi ZoLos Angeles (Cheviot Hills)Sushi Bars$$$$Jan 2009
Taberna Arros y ViSanta MonicaSpanish, Tapas Bars$$$Oct 2013
Tacos Punta CabrasSanta MonicaMexican$$May 2015
TacotecaSanta MonicaBars, Mexican$$$Dec 2014
TagineBeverly HillsMoroccan$$$Oct 2007
TamaenLomitaJapanese, Barbeque$$Aug 2017
Taqueria Los AnayaLos Angeles (West Adams)Mexican$Jun 2015
Tar & RosesSanta MonicaAmerican (New)$$$Jun 2012
The Tasting KitchenLos Angeles (Venice)American (New)$$$Oct 2009
TavernLos Angeles (Brentwood)American (New), Breakfast & Brunch$$$May 2013
Terra CottaLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Asian Fusion, American (New), French$$$Dec 2016
TerrineLos Angeles (Beverly Grove)French, Wine Bars, Cocktail Bars$$$Jan 2015
Test Kitchen [22] [21] [20] [19] [18] [17] [16] [15] [14] [13] [12] [11] [10] [9] [8] [7] [6] [5] [4] [3] [2] [1]Los Angeles (Pico-Robertson)Varies$$$$Dec 2010
Test Kitchen 2012Los Angeles (Downtown)Varies$$$$Nov 2012
TestaLos Angeles (Downtown)Italian, American (New)$$Oct 2017
TintoreraLos Angeles (Silver Lake)Mexican, Seafood, Speakeasies$$$Aug 2017
Tire Shop TaqueriaLos Angeles (Historic South Central)Mexican$Jan 2016
Tofu and NoodlesLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Korean, Soup$$Mar 2016
Tokyo Fried Chicken Co.Monterey ParkJapanese, Pubs, Asian Fusion$$Jul 2014
ToriheiTorranceJapanese$$Dec 2009
TorimatsuGardenaJapanese$$$Jul 2017
Totoraku [1]Los Angeles (Cheviot Hills)Japanese$$$$$Oct 2009
Trattoria Tre VeneziePasadenaItalian$$$$Oct 2009
Trejo's TacosMid-WilshireMexican$$Jul 2016
Trois FamiliaLos Angeles (Silver Lake)Breakfast & Brunch, French, Mexican$$Nov 2015
Trois Mec [1]Los Angeles (Hollywood)French$$$$Jul 2014
TsubakiLos Angeles (Echo Park)Japanese, Izakaya$$$Apr 2017
UnionPasadenaItalian$$Jan 2015
UovoSanta MonicaItalian, Noodles$$Sep 2017
Urasawa [5] [4] [3] [2] [1]Beverly HillsJapanese$$$$$$May 2010
The Vagrancy ProjectLos Angeles (Echo Park)American (New)$$$$Jul 2012
Valentino [1]Santa MonicaItalian$$$$Nov 2012
The VenueLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Bars, American (New), Karaoke$$Mar 2017
VivianeBeverly HillsAmerican (New), Breakfast & Brunch$$$Oct 2015
VuMarina del ReyAmerican (New)$$$Mar 2011
Wakasan [1]Los Angeles (West Los Angeles)Japanese$$$Mar 2009
The Walker Inn [3] [2] [1]Los Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Cocktail Bars$$Jun 2017
WallflowerLos Angeles (Venice)Indonesian$$$Jan 2017
Wally'sBeverly HillsAmerican (New), French, Wine & Spirits$$$Dec 2015
Waterloo & CityCulver CityGastropubs, British$$Mar 2011
Wexler's DeliLos Angeles (Downtown)Delis$$Jul 2014
Willie JaneLos Angeles (Venice)Soul Food, Southern$$$Dec 2013
Wine Cottage BistroSanta MariaWine Bars$$Jun 2007
WineBar @ CoffeeBarLos Angeles (Downtown)American (New)$$$Feb 2013
WinsomeLos Angeles (Echo Park)American (New)$$Sep 2016
WolfLos Angeles (Fairfax)American (New)$$$Mar 2016
Wolf in Sheep's ClothingLos Angeles (Venice)Tapas/Small Plates, American (New), Southern$$Dec 2011
WolfdownLos Angeles (Silver Lake)American (New), Asian Fusion$$$Feb 2017
Wolvesmouth Underground Dinner [3] [2] [1]Los Angeles (Arts District, Downtown)American (New)$$$$Jan 2013
Wood & Vine [1]Los Angeles (Hollywood)American (New), Tapas/Small Plates, Gastropubs$$$Feb 2012
Woodley Proper [1]EncinoCocktail Bars, American (Traditional)$$$Nov 2017
Working Class KitchenLong BeachSandwiches, Burgers, Meat Shops$$Dec 2015
WP24Los Angeles (Downtown)Chinese, Asian Fusion$$$$Jun 2010
WurstkücheLos Angeles (Arts District, Downtown)Hot Dogs, Gastropubs$$Jun 2009
Xian WeiSan PedroChinese$$$$Jan 2014
Xiomara on MelroseLos Angeles (Hollywood)American (New)$$$Mar 2011
XIV [1]Los Angeles (West Hollywood)American (New)$$$$Feb 2009
Yamakase [1]Los Angeles (Palms)Japanese, Sushi Bars$$$$$Jun 2013
YakitoriyaLos Angeles (Sawtelle)Japanese$$Dec 2015
YakiYanHacienda HeightsJapanese, Barbecue$$$$Apr 2017
Yangji GamjatangLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Korean, Soup$$Feb 2016
YazawaBeverly HillsJapanese, Barbeque$$$$May 2016
Young Dong TofuArcadiaKorean$$Jul 2008
Yuk Dae JangLos Angeles (Koreatown, Wilshire Center)Korean, Comfort Food$$Feb 2017
ZoLos Angeles (Downtown)Japanese, Sushi Bars$$$$$Oct 2013
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California : South : OC/SD (91 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
AddisonSan DiegoFrench$$$$$$Nov 2013
AnjinCosta MesaJapanese$$Jan 2011
Arc Food & LibationsCosta MesaAmerican (New), Bars$$Jan 2016
ArterraSan DiegoAmerican (New)$$$Jan 2007
BasilicNewport BeachFrench$$$Feb 2018
Beachwood BBQSeal BeachBarbeque, Pubs$$Feb 2009
Binh DanWestminsterVietnamese$$Apr 2009
BistangoIrvineAmerican (New)$$$Feb 2008
BlancaNewport BeachTapas Bars$$$Aug 2008
BlancaSolana BeachAmerican (New)$$$$Jul 2011
The Blind RabbitAnaheimCocktail Bars, American (Traditional)$$Sep 2017
BluefinNewport BeachSushi Bars, Japanese$$$Dec 2006
BrodardGarden GroveVietnamese$Apr 2009
Brodard ChateauGarden GroveVietnamese$$Jan 2008
The Bruery Provisions [1]OrangeBeer, Wine & Spirits$$May 2011
BruxieOrangeSandwiches, Belgian$May 2011
Burger ParlorFullertonBurgers$$Jul 2011
Café HiroCypressAsian Fusion$$Aug 2008
Café Tu Tu TangoOrangeTapas Bars, Sandwiches, Spanish$$Jan 2007
Carnitas' Snack ShackSan DiegoAmerican (New), Sandwiches$$Apr 2015
CatalAnaheimMediterranean, Wine Bars$$$Mar 2007
Chapter OneSanta AnaAmerican (New), Bars$$Nov 2017
Charlie Palmer at Bloomingdale'sCosta MesaAmerican (New)$$$Jun 2008
Club 33, Disneyland [4] [3] [2] [1]AnaheimFrench, American (Traditional)$$$$Oct 2009
Garlic & ChivesGarden GroveVietnamese, Asian Fusion$$Oct 2015
GulfstreamNewport BeachAmerican (New), Seafood$$$Dec 2010
Gyu-KakuHuntington BeachJapanese, Barbeque, Asian Fusion$$Jun 2008
The Halal GuysCosta MesaHalal$Dec 2015
HanareCosta MesaJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$$Mar 2016
Hangari KalgooksuGarden GroveKorean$Sep 2014
Haven GastropubOrangeGastropubs$$Dec 2010
The HobbitOrangeFrench$$$$Jan 2018
Houston'sIrvineAmerican (New), Steakhouses$$Dec 2007
I Love SushiCosta MesaSushi Bars$$Apr 2008
IkkoCosta MesaJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$Jul 2011
IO by Playground [1]Santa AnaAmerican (New)$$$$$Jun 2013
IreniaSanta AnaFilipino, American (New)$$Jul 2016
Izakaya ZeroHuntington BeachJapanese, Tapas Bars$$$Aug 2007
Juniper & IvySan DiegoAmerican (New)$$$Apr 2015
Kaito SushiEncinitasJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$Apr 2015
Kasen [1]Fountain ValleySushi Bars$$$Dec 2012
Kitchen 1540Del MarAmerican (New)$$$Nov 2010
The KroftAnaheimComfort Food, American (New), Sandwiches$$May 2015
Leatherby's Cafe Rouge [1]Costa MesaAmerican (New), Wine Bars$$$Oct 2008
LSXOHuntington Beach, CAVietnamese$$$Jan 2017
Lunchbox by PlaygroundSanta AnaBurgers, Chicken Wings, Fast Food, Thai$$May 2015
Marché Moderne [1]Costa MesaFrench$$$Mar 2010
Mastro's SteakhouseCosta MesaSteakhouses$$$$Dec 2007
Mix Mix Kitchen BarSanta AnaFilipino, American (New), Tapas/Small Plates$$Apr 2017
Molecular Menu at AnQiCosta MesaAmerican (New)$$$$$Jan 2011
Moros Cuban RestaurantLa HabraCuban$$Dec 2016
Nana SanNewport BeachSushi Bars, Japanese$$$July 2011
Napa Rose [2] [1]AnaheimAmerican (New)$$$$Jul 2008
The North LeftSanta AnaAmerican (New)$$Mar 2015
OhshimaOrangeJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$Dec 2011
Old Vine CaféCosta MesaAmerican (New), Breakfast & Brunch$$Jun 2009
ParkAveStantonAmerican (New)$$Jun 2009
Phuket ThaiHuntington BeachThai$$Jan 2009
Pizzeria MozzaNewport BeachPizza, Italian$$$Oct 2011
Pizzeria OrticaCosta MesaPizza, Italian$$Apr 2009
Playground [3] [2] [1]Santa AnaAmerican (New), Tapas/Small Plates, Bars$$Jan 2016
PuebloCosta MesaTapas/Small Plates, Spanish$$Jun 2015
Rancho Valencia, The RestaurantRancho Santa FeAmerican (New)$$$Apr 2011
Relate at Bistro St. Germain'sEncinitasFrench, American (New)$$$Feb 2011
San Shi GoNewport BeachSushi Bars, Japanese$$$Sep 2011
Seol Ak SanStantonKorean, Barbeque$$Apr 2009
ShunkaCosta MesaSushi Bars$$$Mar 2013
A Slice of New York PizzaSeal BeachPizza$Jan 2009
The Smoking RibsGarden GroveBarbeque, Southern$$Dec 2017
Stonehill TavernDana PointAmerican (New)$$$$Dec 2006
StudioLaguna BeachFrench$$$$$Oct 2008
SurahBuena ParkKorean, Sushi Bars, Barbeque$$Sep 2008
Sushi MurasakiSanta AnaSushi Bars$$$Dec 2012
Sushi NoguchiYorba LindaSushi Bars, Japanese$$$May 2016
Sushi OtaSan DiegoSushi Bars$$$Nov 2013
Sushi ShibuchoCosta MesaSushi Bars, Japanese$$$Aug 2011
Sushi WasabiTustinJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$Feb 2007
Sushi WaveCosta MesaSushi Bars, Japanese$$Aug 2008
Taco AsylumCosta MesaAmerican (New)$$Mar 2011
Taco Maria [2] [1]Costa MesaMexican$$$Nov 2016
Takaya Yakitori IzakayaCosta MesaJapanese, Barbeque$$Oct 2015
Taléo GrillIrvineMexican$$Dec 2006
Thai NakornStantonThai$$Feb 2009
Thang Long RestaurantWestminsterVietnamese$Jun 2009
Tradition by PascalNewport BeachFrench$$$Feb 2012
TsuruhashiFountain ValleyJapanese$$Sep 2008
Twenty EightIrvineChinese$$$Dec 2014
VacaCosta MesaTapas/Small Plates, Spanish, Steakhouses$$$Jun 2017
VacationSanta AnaCocktail Bars$$Mar 2018
Volcano BurgersLos AlamitosBurgers$Sep 2008
Water GrillCosta MesaSeafood$$$Nov 2016
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California : North (29 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
Ad HocYountvilleAmerican (New)$$$Mar 2007
AquaSan FranciscoSeafood, American (New)$$$$$Feb 2008
Atelier Crenn [1]San FranciscoFrench$$$$$Aug 2013
BauméPalo AltoFrench$$$$$Aug 2011
Benu [1]San FranciscoAmerican (New), Asian Fusion$$$$$Aug 2013
BouchonYountvilleFrench$$$Mar 2007
Cheese Board Pizza CollectiveBerkeleyPizza$Apr 2010
Chez PanisseBerkeleyAmerican (New)$$$$Apr 2010
CoiSan FranciscoAmerican (New)$$$$$Nov 2008
CommisOaklandAmerican (New)$$$$Apr 2010
CyrusHealdsburgFrench$$$$$May 2007
The Dining Room at The Ritz-CarltonSan FranciscoAmerican (New)$$$$$Mar 2007
Fifth FloorSan FranciscoAmerican (New)$$$$Aug 2008
The French Laundry [2] [1]YountvilleFrench, American (New)$$$$$$Aug 2012
Koi PalaceDaly CityChinese, Dim Sum$$Aug 2011
Manresa [1]Los GatosAmerican (New), Spanish, Basque$$$$$Aug 2012
MarloweSan FranciscoAmerican (New), Brasseries$$Aug 2012
Masa's RestaurantSan FranciscoFrench$$$$$Mar 2007
Mission Chinese FoodSan FranciscoChinese$$Aug 2012
Meadowood, The Restaurant [1]St HelenaAmerican (New)$$$$$Apr 2010
Michael MinaSan FranciscoAmerican (New)$$$$$Mar 2007
The Red GrapeSonomaPizza, Italian$$Aug 2008
SaisonSan FranciscoFrench, American (New)$$$$$Aug 2011
The Slanted Door [1]San FranciscoVietnamese, Asian Fusion$$$Aug 2011
Sons & DaughtersSan FranciscoAmerican (New)$$$$Jul 2012
Taylor's Automatic RefresherSan FranciscoBurgers$$Mar 2007
UbuntuNapaVegetarian, American (New)$$$Apr 2010
Vik's Chaat Corner [1]BerkeleyIndian$Apr 2010
Yank SingSan FranciscoDim Sum$$$Aug 2012
Other: Cakebread Cellars
District of Columbia (37 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
2AmysWashingtonPizza, Italian$$Jun 2014
AggioWashingtonItalian$$$Jun 2014
BarminiWashingtonCocktail Bars, American (New)$$$$Sep 2013
Ben's Chili BowlWashingtonHot Dogs, Burgers$Sep 2011
Birch & BarleyWashingtonAmerican (New), Breakfast & Brunch$$$Sep 2013
Central Michel RichardWashingtonAmerican (New), French$$$Jan 2010
CitronelleWashingtonFrench$$$$$$Jan 2010
Columbia RoomWashingtonCocktail Bars$$$Oct 2017
DaikayaWashingtonJapanese$$Oct 2013
Doi MoiWashingtonVietnamese, Thai$$$Jun 2014
EstadioWashingtonSpanish, Tapas/Small Plates$$$Jun 2014
EttoWashingtonItalian, Wine Bars$$$Sep 2013
FiolaWashingtonItalian$$$$Jun 2014
GraffiatoWashingtonPizza, Italian$$$Sep 2011
Heritage IndiaWashingtonIndian$$Mar 2010
HimitsuWashingtonJapanese$$$Mar 2018
Izakaya SekiWashingtonJapanese$$$Apr 2014
JaleoWashingtonSpanish, Tapas Bars$$$Mar 2010
KapnosWashingtonGreek$$$Apr 2014
Kaz Sushi BistroWashingtonSushi Bars, Japanese$$$Sep 2011
KinshipWashingtonAmerican (New)$$$$Mar 2018
Kith and KinWashingtonAfrican, Caribbean, American (New)$$$Mar 2018
MakotoWashingtonSushi Bars, Japanese$$$$Sep 2013
Menu MBKWashingtonAmerican (New)$$$Apr 2014
MinibarWashingtonAmerican (New), Spanish$$$$$$Sep 2013
OyamelWashingtonMexican, Tapas Bars$$$Jan 2010
Pineapple & PearlsWashingtonAmerican (New)$$$$$Oct 2017
The Red HenWashingtonItalian$$$Apr 2014
Rogue 24WashingtonAmerican (New)$$$$Sep 2013
Rose's LuxuryWashingtonAmerican (New)$$$Apr 2014
Seasonal PantryWashingtonAmerican (New)$$$$Apr 2014
Sushi OgawaWashingtonSushi Bars, Japanese$$$$Oct 2017
Sushi TaroWashingtonSushi Bars, Japanese$$$$$Oct 2013
Tail Up GoatWashingtonMediterranean, American (New), Italian$$$Oct 2017
Toki UndergroundWashingtonTaiwanese, Ramen$$Jun 2014
VidaliaWashingtonSouthern$$$Sep 2013
ZaytinyaWashingtonGreek, Turkish, Mediterranean$$$Mar 2010
New York (16 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
AdourNew YorkFrench, Wine Bars$$$$$Dec 2008
Carnegie DeliNew YorkDelis, Sandwiches$$Dec 2008
DanubeNew YorkAustrian$$$$Dec 2007
Famous Original Ray's PizzaNew YorkPizza$Dec 2008
Gray's PapayaNew YorkHot Dogs, Juice Bars & Smoothies$Dec 2008
Halal GuysNew YorkFood Stands, Halal$Oct 2011
Jean GeorgesNew YorkFrench$$$$$Dec 2008
KajitsuNew YorkJapanese, Vegetarian$$$$Oct 2011
Katz's DelicatessenNew YorkDelis, Sandwiches$$Oct 2011
Le BernardinNew YorkSeafood, French, American (New)$$$$$$Dec 2008
Lombardi'sNew YorkPizza$$Dec 2008
Papaya KingNew YorkHot Dogs, Juice Bars & Smoothies$Dec 2008
Per SeNew YorkFrench, American (New)$$$$$$Dec 2008
Shake ShackNew YorkBurgers, Food Stands$$Oct 2011
VeritasNew YorkAmerican (New)$$$$Dec 2007
wd~50New YorkAmerican (New)$$$$Oct 2011
Colorado (16 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
The Blue Star [1]Colorado SpringsAmerican (New)$$$Jul 2007
Blue VervainManitou SpringsAmerican (New)$$$Mar 2007
Charles CourtColorado SpringsAmerican (New)$$$$Mar 2007
Frasca Food and WineBoulderItalian$$$$Jan 2010
FruitionDenverAmerican (New)$$$Nov 2008
Kevin TaylorDenverAmerican (New)$$$$Jul 2007
Metropolitain [1]Colorado SpringsAmerican (New)$$Sep 2007
MizunaDenverAmerican (New)$$$$Dec 2008
NoshColorado SpringsAmerican (New), Tapas/Small Plates$$Jul 2007
Penrose RoomColorado SpringsAmerican (New)$$$$Mar 2007
Phantom Canyon Brewing CoColorado SpringsAmerican (New), Breweries$$Jan 2007
PlateColorado SpringsAmerican (New)$$Jan 2007
RiojaDenverMediterranean$$$Jan 2010
Summit [1]Colorado SpringsAmerican (New)$$$Sep 2007
Walter's BistroColorado SpringsAmerican (New)$$$Mar 2007
ZengoDenverLatin American, Asian Fusion$$$Jul 2007
Nevada (15 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
AlexLas VegasFrench, American (New)$$$$$$Jan 2011
Bar CharlieLas VegasJapanese, American (New)$$$$$Jun 2009
Bar MasaLas VegasJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$$$$Dec 2009
CUTLas VegasSteakhouses$$$$Jun 2008
é by José AndrésLas VegasSpanish$$$$$$Jan 2011
Gordon Ramsay SteakLas VegasSteakhouses$$$$Sep 2012
Joël Robuchon [2] [1]Las VegasFrench$$$$$$Sep 2012
Julian SerranoLas VegasTapas Bars$$$Dec 2009
L'Atelier de Joël RobuchonLas VegasFrench$$$$$Jun 2009
Lotus of SiamLas VegasThai$$Sep 2012
PicassoLas VegasFrench, Spanish$$$$$Jan 2008
RakuLas VegasJapanese$$$Sep 2012
Restaurant Guy Savoy [2] [1]Las VegasFrench$$$$$$Sep 2012
SageLas VegasAmerican (New)$$$$Dec 2009
Twist by Pierre GagnaireLas VegasFrench$$$$$Dec 2009
Japan (8 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
GonpachiTokyoJapanese$$$Mar 2008
IkesuTokyoJapanese$$$$Mar 2008
ImahanTokyoJapanese$$$$$Mar 2008
KajiKyotoJapanese$$$$Mar 2008
KyubeyTokyoJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$$$Mar 2008
Little HokkaidoMinamiuonumaJapanese$$$Mar 2008
NatoriTokyoJapanese, Sushi Bars$$$$$Mar 2008
OkaryoMinamiuonumaJapanese$$$Mar 2008
Illinois (6 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
Alinea [1]ChicagoAmerican (New)$$$$$$May 2009
Charlie Trotter'sChicagoAmerican (New)$$$$$$May 2009
L2OChicagoSeafood, Japanese$$$$$$May 2009
MotoChicagoAmerican (New)$$$$$May 2009
Pizzeria UnoChicagoPizza$$May 2009
TRUChicagoAmerican (New)$$$$$Aug 2006
Taiwan (3 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
AddictionTaipeiSeafood, Japanese, Sushi Bars$$$Apr 2014
Din Tai FungTaipeiTaiwanese, Chinese, Dim Sum$$Apr 2014
Hello Kitty Kitchen and DiningTaipeiAmerican (Traditional), Desserts$$Apr 2014
Oregon (3 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
CastagnaPortlandAmerican (New)$$$$Feb 2014
Le PigeonPortlandFrench, American (New)$$$Feb 2014
Pok PokPortlandThai$$Feb 2014
Massachusetts (3 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
Craigie on MainCambridgeAmerican (New)$$$$Mar 2012
L'EspalierBostonFrench$$$$Mar 2012
Neptune OysterBostonSeafood$$$Mar 2012
North Carolina (3 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
LuceCharlotteItalian$$$Jun 2008
Mimosa GrillCharlotteSouthern, American (New)$$$Jun 2008
Ratcliffe on The GreenCharlotteAmerican (New)$$$$Jun 2008
Washington (2 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
CanlisSeattleAmerican (New), Seafood$$$$$Mar 2014
JouleSeattleAsian Fusion, Korean$$$Mar 2014
Virginia (2 restaurants)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
Hank's Oyster BarAlexandriaSeafood$$Sep 2011
The Inn at Little WashingtonWashingtonAmerican (New)$$$$$Jan 2010
Maryland (1 restaurant)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
Table 21 at VoltFrederickAmerican (New)$$$$$Jul 2010
Wisconsin (1 restaurant)
NameCityCategoryPriceLast Posted
L'EtoileMadisonFrench, American (New)$$$$May 2009